1911 Type Autos Holster with Thumb Break

1911 Type Autos Holster with Thumb Break
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    1911 Type Autos Holster with Thumb Break
    The IPT Series In The Pants Holsters with Thumbreak Straps from Galati Gear are designed to be worn tucked into the waist band of trousers. There is also a belt loop on both sides of the holster, so it can be used as a belt slide holster in addition to a clip holster. 

    Made with a tough outershell and soft tricot inner lining to protect the finish of your handgun. Held in place by a metal spring clip, the holster can be made right or left handed by switching the clip to the other side.

    The GLIP4T will fit 1911 Colt, AMT, Auto Ordnance, Springfield, and Para-Ordnance Type autos Including:

    Colt 1911 3-1/2"
    Para-Ordnance 3-1/2"
    Para Ordnance Carry 12 & LDA 3-1/2"
    Springfield Armory 1911 3-1/2"
    Star PD
    others similar in size

    100% Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty
    Made in USA