1911 Type Autos Holster

1911 Type Autos Holster
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    1911 Type Autos Holster
    The IP Series In The Pants Holsters from Galati Gear are designed to be worn tucked into the waist band of trousers. They are made with a tough outer shell and soft tricot inner lining to protect the finish of your handgun. Held in place by a metal spring clip, the holster can be made right or left-handed by switching the clip to the other side.

    IP Series Holster Features:

    Tough outer shell
    Soft tricot inner lining
    Metal Spring clip
    Belt Loop

    The GLIP4 is designed to fit 1911 Type Automatics including:

    Colt 1911 3-1/2"
    Para-Ordnance 3-1/2"
    Para Ordnance Carry 12 & LDA 3-1/2"
    Springfield Armory 1911 3-1/2"
    Star PD
    others similar in size

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