.410 Ammo Bandoleer - Black

.410 Ammo Bandoleer - Black
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    Case Pack: 50

    .410 Ammo Bandoleer - Black
    .410 Caliber Shotgun Bandoleer - Black

    Carry 75 Rounds of .410 caliber ammunition with the .410 Shotgun Bandoleer.

    This bandoleer simply slips over your head and rests on your shoulders for quick access to your ammunition. Constructed from military pistol belt webbing and elastic loops for secure carry so ammo will not shake loose.

    Overall length is 58" with an inner diameter of 24". Features 75 elastic ammo loops.

    Fits the following ammunition:
    2 ½" .410
    3" .410
    .45 LC
    and others similar in size

    Two Year Warranty