Deluxe Tactical Vest - Lefthand Black

Deluxe Tactical Vest - Lefthand Black
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    Weight: 3.90 pounds

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    Case Pack: 10

    Deluxe Tactical Vest - Lefthand Black
    The original Deluxe Tactical Vest for Law Enforcement / Military ONLY in Black - Left-Hand Draw

    Keep your tactical gear within easy reach and your hands free at the same time. These deluxe tactical vests are engineered to efficiently organize all your tactical gear and accessories.
    - Deluxe Universal Holster - Holds medium to large frame pistols. Extra pouch for spare magazine. Can be removed and replaced with additional hook and loop accessories.
    - Pistol Web Belt with Mag Pouches - Removable tactical belt with two horizontal mag pouches
    - Rifle Magazine Pouches (4) - Adjustable pouches hold 20, 30 & 40 round high capacity .223 rifle mags, 30 round AK-47 mags and 30 round .308 mags.
    - Communication Pouch - Holds accessories such as cell phones, PDA and other gear
    - Internal Document Pockets - Inside pouch for documents
    - Sniper Shoulder Pad - Non-slip design with extra padding
    - Accessory Back Strap System - Back-straps for use with MOLLE System or alice clips
    - Drag Loop - Loop to drag someone out of harm's way
    - Water Bladder Pocket - Holds a water bladder for extra convenience 16.5" x 14.5"
    - Radio Pouch - Holds radio or compass for quick access
    - Pistol Magazine Pouch (3) - Height adjustable pouches holds magazines or small flashlights
    - Mesh Liner - Breathable and comfortable back lining
    Fully adjustable in girth and length.
    Chest: 36" - 54"
    Waist: 29" - 51"
    Length: 23.5" - 25.5" 

    100% Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty