Double Magazine Pouch with Alice Clips

Double Magazine Pouch with Alice Clips
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    Double Magazine Pouch with Alice Clips
    Galati Gear Magazine Pouches provide top notch convenience to all shooters.

    The Double pistol magazine pouch with alice clips from Galati Gear is constructed from PVC Tactical Nylon for superior quality. Each of the pockets have a hook and loop closure for easy opening and closing and keep your magazines secure.

    Galati Gear Alice Clips - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment are clips first used by military in the vietnam era to attach item to additional pieces of equipment. These clips can be used to attach items to belts, cases, pouches, and other pieces of gear.

    GLMP2AC will  hold two of the following magazines:

    .45 ACP
    Browning Hi-Power
    Standard Magazines
    Double-Stacked Magazines

    Overall Length: 4 3/4" x 6"
    Individual pockets: 1.75" x 6"

    100% Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty