Elite 55" Snipers Mat with Cummerbund - Coyote Brown

Elite 55" Snipers Mat with Cummerbund - Coyote Brown
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    Elite 55" Snipers Mat with Cummerbund - Coyote Brown
    Elite Snipers 55" Mat with Cummerbund - Coyote Brown
    Includes a removable cummerbund to tie around your waist when using as a backpack.

    A perfect combination of a rifle case, backpack, drag bag and a shooting mat. This unique system is designed to provide an easy transformation from one configuration to another within seconds.

    Constructed from Cordura Nylon with over 1/2" of closed cell foam padding on each panel, the Elite Sniper Shooter Mat uses only the best quality materials. All stress points are reinforced by double stitching, bar tacks and box x's.

    By customer request, the 55" Elite Sniper Shooter Mat is made specifically to carry large .50Cal weapons, a bipod, silencer, and bolt. Modeled after the Galati Deluxe Shooters Mat, the Elite Sniper Shooter Mat provides three products in one: a 55" weapons carry case, a 70" fold out shooters mat and a drag bag.

    Extended to 55" in length and 12" in height, the case can accommodate powerful 50 BM's, AR-10's and other longer firearms. It will hold 57" firearms if the muzzle mount is not used. An adjustable tie-down strap and muzzle pouch secure the firearm inside the case to prevent unnecessary movement. A reinforced 3" padded rib adds extra strength to support the extra weight of heavier firearms as well as the additional weight of the tripod, bolt, and silencer. 

    An extended zipper run is present on both ends of the mat so the heavy duty YKK dual zippers and zipper run can be tucked inside the pouch. A protective flap covers the zipper run to prevent water from entering the case. Additional perimeter loops are also present to fasten unused tie down strings on the outside of the bag. Two drag loops are located on the outside of the case to provide stealth entry.

    Once opened, the case folds flat into three panels measuring a total of 72" in length and 40" wide. To provide quick access for immediate action, the mat strategically uses a removable pouch and panel configuration. Four detachable and interchangeable panels are located at the top of the mat for holding ammo (10 loops) and other accessories. The accessory pockets and panels measure 9"x7". Anti-skid panels provide a comfortable shooting surface while ensuring minimal movement.

    The Elite Sniper Shooter Mat includes three new pouches: the Bipod Pouch, Silencer/Accessory Pouch, and Bolt Pouch. Each pouch uses a silent pull and wrap cord to secure the item inside the pouch. To remove the item, the cord is silently unwrapped from the hook, creating no noise.

    Carry the case by the reinforced carry handles or take the padded backpack straps out of the concealment pocket and snap them in place to wear as a backpack. 

    Elite Shooters Mat Features:

    Heavy-Duty YKK Zippers
    Adjustable tie-down strap and muzzle pouch
    3" Padded Rib
    Extended Zipper Run
    Protective Zipper Flap
    Perimeter Loops
    2 Drag Loops
    4 Detachable and interchangeable panels
    Anti-Skid panels
    3 Pouches - Bipod, Silencer/Accessory, and Bolt
    1000D Cordura Nylon
    ½" Closed Cell Foam Padding on EACH panel
    Reinforced Double Stitching
    Carry Handles
    Padded Backpack Straps

    Rifle Case Inside Dimensions: 55" Length x 12" Height x 3.5" Width
    Shooter Mat Dimensions: 72" Length x 40" Width
    Accessory Pockets and panel Dimensions: 9" x 7"

    100% Guarantee
    2 Year Warranty