Mini Super Range Bag

Mini Super Range Bag
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    Weight: 2.65 pounds

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    Case Pack: 8

    Mini Super Range Bag

    The mini version of the popular Super Range Bag for Shooters and still has plenty of room for your gear!


    Packed with plenty of pop, the mini version of the popular Super Range Bag holds up to three firearms. The large zippered main compartment features an adjustable internal divider with plenty of room for your accessories. An outside pistol pouch on one side of the bag features five clip holders while a padded pocket is located on the opposite side of the bag. It is constructed from PVC Tactical Nylon.


    The Mini Super Range Bag will hold popular automatics such as 45s, Browning Hi-Powers, S&W M-39, M-59, and others.


    Mini Super Range Bag Features:

    Holds up to 3 handguns
    Large zippered main compartment
    Adjustable internal divider
    Outside pistol pouch with 5 magazine holders
    Padded back pocket
    PVC Tactical Nylon


    Overall Dimensions with Pockets: 14"L x 11"W x 8"H

    Main Compartment Dimensions: 14"L x 7"W x 8"H


    100% Guarantee

    2 Year Warranty