Vertical Automatic Rig #4 (5" - 7" Barrel)

Vertical Automatic Rig #4 (5" - 7" Barrel)
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    Case Pack: 20

    Vertical Automatic Rig #4 (5" - 7" Barrel)
    Everything you need for easy concealment. Versatile and fully adjustable, each concealment rig includes an adjustable harness, mag or speedloader pouch and a concealment holster.

    Each mag pouch and holster has an elastic belt strap with snap closures for secure attachment. Quick release buckles provide easy removal of holster and pouches.

    The 5 1/2" - 7" Vertical Auto Concealment Rig fits most autos with 5 1/2"-7" barrels including:

    AMT Longslide with 7" Barrel
    Browning and Ruger Targets
    Desert Eagle with 6" Barrel
    others similar in size

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